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How Charity Can Help Connect You With Your Kids and Community

Want a way to feel closer to your children in 2018? Consider getting the entire family involved in charitable work this year. There are countless benefitsto volunteering as a family in addition to the good you will be doing for others and your community. Need some tips on how you can fit charitable work into your lives? Read on to discover some simple solutions to get your family started.

Have a Family Meeting

If you’ve never volunteered before, it’s a good idea to get together as a family and talk about what you can expect. Discuss how you all can do good for others and why volunteering is so important. As you talk with one another, think about looking over some basic volunteer etiquette guidelinesand stress the importance of respect and responsibility to your young ones. This is also a good time to think about your schedules and look for ways to work your volunteer hours into the mix.

Use Your Skills and Passion

Whether you’re a parent who wants to give back or you want to get your entire family to be more charitable, you’ll enjoy your volunteer experience more if you care about the cause. It’s also smart to consider any skills you or your family may have. Have a family pet and love caring for animals? Local shelters are always looking for help bathing and walking homeless pets. Picking a cause you truly care for will make volunteering a more positive experience for parents and kids alike.

Work Together or Let Everyone Pursue Their Favorite Projects

Parents and kids are likely to have different passions and different schedules. To keep everyone engaged, try switching up your causes so that your entire family has a chance to pick a project. Maybe you can help with a Habitat for Humanitybuild one month, and then help with a river clean-up the next. You can also think about letting everyone do some volunteer work on their own. Just be sure your children are old enough or have proper supervision when you are not around.

Choose Causes That Benefit Your Community

When it comes to charitable work, keeping things local is a good way to create a connection between your family and the community. Try helping out with a project in your neighborhood to build relationships and improve your surroundings. One community project that keeps popping up is a community garden. With a community garden, your family will have an opportunity to contribute by helping tend to the garden, while learning a valuable, stress-relieving hobby.

When You Can’t Volunteer, Give

If you have a busy schedule, there are times when volunteer work just isn’t going to work out. Luckily, philanthropy gives you and your family a chance to contribute to your causes when you are unable to contribute your time. A donation of money or goodsis always welcomed by charities in need. You could start a family donation fund or help your children collect items needed by local charities. You can collect toiletries for the homeless, shoes for migrant workers, or toys for children’s hospitals.

Look for Chances to Connect With Those You Help

If you need a reminder of the positive impact your donations or volunteer work has on the lives of others, find ways to connect with the people or pets you have helped. Talk with the homeless citizens at a shelter and hear their stories. Spend some time with homeless animals, and see the way they light up when you show them love and care. If you choose an environmental cause such as a clean-up or community garden, take some before and after photos. Being able to directly see the difference you and your family have made is a great way to feel proud of your accomplishments.

Helping others is a wonderful way to help you feel more connected as a family. Whether you give through volunteer work or donations, doing good for your community has positive benefits all around, so find causes you care about and make a difference in 2018.

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